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Catch-2022: Unravelling the policy paradox

2021 brought the recovery many had hoped for. Businesses reopened, commuters returned to their desks, and the bravest of us even went on holiday. But no one could describe it as ‘getting back to normal’ amid rocketing energy prices, high debt levels, and past-the-peak growth.

2022 Outlook: Emerging Markets

It is hard to predict how markets will behave in a year’s time. Still, we believe that most emerging economies' underlying structural growth trends will continue to drive corporate earnings and returns for investors over the medium-to-long term. While we remain aware of what is happening on the macroeconomic and political fronts, we will stay focused on the companies we either own or want to include in the strategy to drive alpha for our investors.

09 December 2021 | Amit Goel
2022 Outlook: Global equities

2022 Outlook: Global equities

We expect global mid-cap equities to generate sustainable and healthy returns, with investors paying more attention to fundamentals versus the momentum-driven recent past. In 2022, we will consider the risks posed by inflation and continue to seek strong industry structures, capable management teams with capital discipline, and clear valuation-driven opportunities.

07 December 2021 | James Abela, Maroun Younes
2022 Outlook: China

2022 Outlook: China

We are more optimistic about the investment outlook for China in 2022, especially relative to other emerging and developed markets. The country’s economic growth is being driven by both the policy and liquidity cycles, and we believe that monetary tightening has peaked. As such, we expect to see improvements in liquidity conditions.

07 December 2021 | Jing Ning
2022 Outlook: Asia

2022 Outlook: Asia

Amid market uncertainty, we remain cautious moving into 2022. While new investment ideas are harder to find, we will still look for opportunities in situations where sentiment is negative to the point that fundamentals are ignored.

07 December 2021 | Anthony Srom
2022 Outlook: Australian equities

2022 Outlook: Australian equities

Inflationary pressures are expected to gain ground as the economy reopens. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has not suggested any policy tightening, but when it does the process will be gradual. While uncertainty is likely to prevail in the short term, we still expect to find structural, growth-led winners at attractive valuations during 2022.

07 December 2021 | Paul Taylor
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